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From Zero to Hero

April 27, 2008
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Let me begin by saying that I am not an expert nor am I a doctor of any sort. I am just your average guy (5’9, 170lbs). I work and avgerage job and drive and avgerage car (95 Camry).

I’m am here writing for the average guy or less then average guy. 

Average Guys, are you aware that with just a few changes (clothing & appearance) up can go from Zero to Hero in a short amount of time. It’s not an impossible task guys, you can make yourself a bit/a lot more attractive/presentable to the opposite sex.  

You can go from  to  with just a few things and a little money. OK I take that back, depending on how bad your current situation is it could be more money then you thought or can afford.  

1. The ‘Wrapping Paper‘ (Physical appearance)

2. Physical fitness

3. Know a little about the opposite sex

Let me start w/ the obvious…The Wrapping Paper. I don’t care what people have told you or where you read it,  it begins from the outside, what I call the Wrapping Paper.

The Wrapping Paper:  It’s the physical appearance eyes, teeth, face, hair, and yes even smell.   We (men) are a species of the visual nature. If it looks pretty on the outside we are interested (I know it sounds shallow but I’m just keeping it real). When we go out (bar,club,vacation, Olive Garden…etc) no matter where we are at we are always looking for the pretty one.  So let’s be real here, if your looking for the pretty/cute one don’t you think that she’s looking for the same (cute/handsome) when it comes to a man. Going off the subject here did you know that women like pretty gift wrap. It shows that you took the time and went that extra step to make the gift even more special. So as i said…the Wrapping Paper

Women always say that it’s not what’s outside that counts but what’s on inside. Ehh that maybe true if your Bill Gates or have a two million dollar trust fund but how many of us have that? For the rest of us whom aren’t as lucky (like me) we need to use what God has given us. Wait I know what you are thinking…I’m all about the looks. Don’t get me wrong if she’s good within then that’s a plus but let’s be realistic here guys how many of us have gone out w/ a woman for what she has on the inside. When we see/meet a woman for the first time it’s not what’s inside that attracts us it’s the (Wrapping Paper) physical appearance.  Oh and let me just add on more thing, when I say ‘what God has given us’… God never said that we couldn’t perfect it. 

So with said lets see what you can do to get yourself into the game…

Wrapping Paper (Physical Appearance) Part 1 of 3

Your Face is key: If you have acne, crooked teeth, or in need of a new hair style then you gotta take the inisitve to make the changes. It’s not going to happen by itself.

Acne: Get yourself to a dermatologist if you can’t afford one try . I got better results using  but Proactive can do the job and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

Teeth: Guys this is a given. You know if you have a busted grill do something about it.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if you have crokked teeth or in need of teeth whitening.  We all like a straight and bright smile.  Ask you dentist what he can do for you to get that perfect smile. Wheater it’s cosmetic seuger or teeth whitener it’s definitely an improvement. Trust me guys women will notice.  If you can afford teeth whitener ( I know i can’t) do what i did. I asked my dentist what product(s) he uses, I did a Google search and purchased it on line. I saved 300 clams. You’ll have pearly whites within three weeks. Now as for the teeth straightening well again all I can recommend is contaciting your friendly neighborhood dentist.

Eyes: If your wearing glasses opt for contacts. If your someone like me who likes the frames then consider purchasing a more up today style. It will show her or show her that 1. Your current w/ the latest fashion trends in eyeware and second you’ll look studious. Some women find that attractive.  

Hair: The easites and lest expensive is the hair. If you have it that is. Only down side is that it may take a little research on your part.  A few suggestions you may want to try is,  ask your barber/stylest for the latest styles or go through men’s magazines such as GQ (, Maxim (, Ask (…etc see what kind of hair styles the models are wearing.  

Clothing: Just because it’s a Kenneth Cole or DKNY doesn’t mean that you have to spend coin like a New Yorker. If you search you can buy somewhat similar clothing from discounts stores and or the same clothing at a discounted rate. You just have to search. Check the above websites for more on styles and latest trends in mens wear. 

Phisical Fitness 2 of 3

This is a contiuation of Part 1

There is nothing more beatuful than a beautful body on a beautiful woman we can agree on that. So fellas wouldn’t that rule apply to us? There is no excuse why we are not physically fit. Techinally you only need one hour every other day and 1/2 hour on your off days (cardio). Look at your body as a well deveolped machine. Like a Ferrari  . It’s beautiful in the outside just as it is in the inside. Keep your body in tune and not only will you look and feel better but your body will last you a very long time.  

Workout at home on your  way or your local . Which ever you choose…do it. I am not saying that you need to look like  or but when you bulid your physique you feel better about yourself. You walk taller and you become prouder of youself and what you have developed.


‘Know’ a little about the oppsite sex 3 of 3

Ok guys this part is where you gotta do most of your thinking. I’m not going to write a lot on this topic because I can go on forever and it will take a lot of my time. What you will need to keep note of is that when it comes to women there is NO figuring them out.

The Dealer

Women HOLD THE CARDS. I cannot stress that enough. What you must understand is that anything involvoing women is a game. The Catch 22 …Women always say that they don’t wanna play games or that they are tired of the games. Yet if you really think about it it’s the women that control the game and they make the rules up as they go along.

A woman knows the moment she looks at you what catigory you will be put in. It will either be the ‘Get to know him better’ catagory or the famous ‘Frieinds’ catigory. I dunno know about you guys but I have enough friends to last me a life time.  I definaltely don’t need any more. Shit, more friends = a longer x-mas list and times are tough and i can’t afford it.  But should you be put into the second catigory ( trust me I’ve had my share of seconds) no worries, look at it as an opprotunity. She has friends that she can tell about you. So if you didn’t win the first round one you just may win the seconed, third, and so forth. It’s like the saying goes…’one door closes and two more open.’

My point here guys is… Play her game. Be nice about it but not to nice to where you get taken advantage of. And what ever you do alwasy remember to keep your game up.

Speaking of game, the following steps may help may help you improve your game.  

The Approach: Approaching women to me is very difficult. It’s intimidating, nerve racking, and can make you look like a shmuck. Heed what I’m about to say…DO NOT APPROACH! Unless your the gamlbing type or like rejection. Wait for her to give you a signal. Find out first if the water is safe. Then jump in. Trust me a woman will give you a signal. Look for a smile or eye contact. Look for something inviting that she gives off that makes you feel comfortable and w/out fear.

Complement: Women love complements. It makes them feel good. But don’t over do it.  IE: if she has a nice hair doo/style then tell her. It won’t hurt to say ‘Hey your hair looks great.’  Also take notice of the un-noticeable (nails, the way she smells, and so forth). I know it sounds corny but trust me small stuff like this will get you BONUS points.


Finally, we all play the game what’s important is how you play it.  There is someone for someone out there somewhere. If you want to get technical… there are 7 women to evey guy. So guys trust me you will find one someday. In the mean time you just do you.



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